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Spa & Salt Caves

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L.A.L Wellness Spa
Specializing in Nutritional Support, Biohacking, Anti-aging & Detoxification.

“I am so impressed with this establishment! it’s clean, friendly, efficiently run, with fabulous options for getting healthy. Gabrielle is very knowledgeable and kind, and I’m so happy to have found LAL Wellness spa!”

Lisa B.


“The only wellness spa you need! It boasts a great selection of modalities to get your body in line and feeling its best. Gabrielle, the owner and operator, will have you feeling comfortable and like part of the family, whether it’s your 1st visit or your 101st. She is kind and caring and makes it her mission to help all her clients reach their potential for a healthy mind and body. Say hello to LAL Spa and goodbye to toxins!”

Surray L.

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Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave
Oceanair is a holistic wellness center offering a variety of treatments and products—all based on beautiful, mineral-rich Himalayan salt–to counteract the negative impact of modern life.

“Beautiful experience that far exceeds salt rooms in Tampa and Wesley Chapel. I learned there’s a difference between a salt room and salt cave. This is a cave. Felt relief after my session. The owner really invested to make this place 10x better than others out there.”

Jennifer M.


“My wife and I went for the first time. We greatly appreciated the atmosphere and services. We highly recommend this pampered experience to everyone! It’s truly a healthy experience and the staff is a 10 star experience.”

Brian B.

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Prana Blu’
As a certified Wellness Cryotherapy Specialist I am an experienced Consultant. My goal is to support your specific slimming and wellness goals. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you!

“Today I did something awesome with Betsy’s Cryo Therapy Treatment! She worked on my very sensitive neck and I could feel the knots melt away! After just one 5 minute session I could move my neck and shoulders so much better! I felt the pain just wash away! I am relieved and relaxed for the first time in many years! Thank you Betsy! You are amazing!”



I went in for a treatment after a shoulder injury. My range of motion was at 50% capacity and I was participating in a golf tournament. I went in for my first treatment and was able toMobilize my arm up to 75% range of motion. The second treatment sealed the deal. Was without pain a full range of motion after only 2 treatments. I was back in my tournament after my last treatment. I didn’t have to drop out and no surgery was needed. This is the real deal my friend!

Robbie W.

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Salt Essentials Wellness
Discover Salt Essentials Wellness
The ultimate luxury in holistic healing, your premier destination for rejuvenation and relaxation in Largo, Florida. Our spa is a sanctuary where you can escape the stress of daily life and embark on a journey towards ultimate health and wellness.

Our Services
At Salt Essentials Wellness, we offer a diverse range of all-natural therapies designed to alleviate symptoms, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Our services include the transformative Halotherapy, indulgent Signature Salt Essentials Massages, detoxifying Infrared Sauna sessions, effective Skin Care treatments, and the unique Low Resonance Magnet Therapy.

Energy Healing and More
Experience the power of energy healing with our Reiki sessions, or join us for our Yoga and Sound Healing classes, where you can gently move, breathe, and enjoy the benefits of Halotherapy. Our Reflexology treatments offer stress reduction and physiological change through the application of specific pressures using thumb, finger, and hand techniques.

A Clean, Calm, and Relaxing Environment
Our spa environment is meticulously maintained to be clean, calm, and relaxing, allowing you to leave feeling recentered, relaxed, and renewed. We are proud to be a woman-owned facility leading the spa industry in Largo, Florida, always prioritizing the safety of our staff and guests.

Himalayan Salt Products and Gift Cards
In addition to our services, we offer a fantastic collection of Himalayan Salt products that make excellent gifts and additions to your own home. We also have gift cards available for that perfect gift of relaxation and wellness.

Become a Member
Become a member of Salt Essentials Wellness and enjoy special discounted offers. Book your spot online easily and directly from your own account with our user-friendly booking site. Say YES to self-care and start your journey to relaxation with us at Salt Essentials Wellness.

Wonderful experience with the infrared sauna session followed by lymphatic drainage massage with Franny. She’s the absolute best. With decades of massage therapy experience her touch is truly healing. Highly recommend Salt Essentials Wellness for a truly therapeutic experience.

Marta B.


Very nice wellness center. The waiting room is comfortable. The staff is friendly too.

This relaxing wellness spa offers something for all. There is halotherapy, an infrared sauna, massages, Reiki, skin care, a Magnesphere, etc., plus numerous classes. Memberships are available.

I enjoy my massages with Nicholas. He is knowledgeable and professional, and with 30 years of experience, his expertise ensures that I float out feeling great. He knows if I need a deep muscle or just a relaxing session. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.

Easy parking too in the small strip mall.

Kathleen L.

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Welcome to Our Tranquil Spa
Where relaxation and rejuvenation are at the forefront of our services. Our spa is designed to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering a range of treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Our Team of Skilled Therapists
Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and attention during your visit. From the moment you step through the door, you will be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and our staff will work tirelessly to create a customized experience tailored to your specific needs.

Range of Services
Whether you’re looking for a massage to ease tension in your muscles or a facial to revive your complexion, we offer a range of services that are designed to meet your every need. Our menu includes a variety of body treatments, facials, massages, and wellness services, all of which are performed using only the finest products and equipment.

After Your Treatment
Take some time to unwind in our relaxation area. Sip on a refreshing beverage and savor the peaceful ambiance as you let your mind and body fully unwind.

Packages for All
We also offer a range of packages that are perfect for couples, friends, or solo visitors looking to indulge in a day of pampering. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply need a break from the stresses of life, our spa is the ideal destination for anyone seeking rest and relaxation.

Betsy is amazing! I’ve been seeing her monthly and the difference in my skin is very noticeable. I get compliments on how good my skin looks. She is very knowledgeable and works carefully each month with Dermaplaning, facials, red light treatments and lymphatic treatments. It really makes a difference! Thanks Betsy.

Glenn M.


Betsy is absolutely wonderful!! She makes each visit comfortable and relaxing, a true spa experience. I have been seeing Betsy for over 2 years for facials and lymphatic drainage and more recently added red light therapy and infrared sauna. She is my skin care and natural healing guru. I look forward to every visit and I feel fabulous!!

Jennifer C.

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The Covery
At The Covery, we strive to keep our families and community health through treatments made specifically for the mind and body. The mission of our wellness spa is to offer our members a large variety of cutting edge services in one location, providing a level of service and affordability that will fit any lifestyle.

I’ve been coming here since opening and have retired the immunity IV, cryotherapy and 3 hyperbaric sessions. I feel absolutely amazing and highly recommend it. Very clean and super friendly staff. Beautiful premises! Worth it 100%

Kirstie C.


“Such a gorgeous and immaculate facility. The staff are very welcoming and helpful. I really enjoyed my first cryo therapy session and I’m excited to try the hyperbaric oxygen too. I will definitely be coming back weekly!”

Caroline S.

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The Holistic Chic
The Holistic Chic: Your Sanctuary for Skin Rejuvenation
Nestled in the heart of Oldsmar, Florida, The Holistic Chic offers a transcendent escape where clients are treated to holistic facials, expertly curated by Jayne. Blending a unique fusion of massage and esthetician techniques, Jayne utilizes the renowned Sorella Apothecary Skin Care line to achieve radiant results.

Personalized Treatments
From the revitalizing Refresh Facial that targets dryness and fine lines to The Holistic Facial, which combines botanicals and advanced skin rejuvenation techniques, each treatment is tailored to rejuvenate both skin and soul.

Join the Satisfied Clientele
Ready for a holistic retreat? Contact Jayne at The Holistic Chic, where beauty and well-being converge.

Absolutely love Jayne! She loves what she does and shows in her work. You leave feeling better about relaxed and refreshed. She is just amazing and I highly recommend her services!

Angela M.

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