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Belleair Holistic Healthcare

Dr. Shyler Neveaux, D.O.M. has been practicing Holistic Healthcare as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1997. She began her education at Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine in NYC and graduated from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in St. Petersburg, FL.

Dr.Neveaux’s favorite motto is “Health is not the absence of disease,” and believes in holistic health care as the foundation for living a healthy life. Acupuncture looks at the body as an internal eco environment and addresses chronic illness as a body out of balance. By inserting hair fine needles at specific points, Acupuncture directs the body’s internal intelligence to regain harmony, health and wellness without side effects.

She also uses Cold Laser, Injection Therapy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Herbs, Magnetic Therapy, LifeWave’s Stem Cell Activation Patch, and Bemer, an Electro Magnetic Field Device.

Dr. Neveaux is published in a book “Side Effects.”

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