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Herbal Treatment

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Bailey’s Naturals
In 1998 Julie opened a small herb shop in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was her second career; the first was a 20-year stint as a broadcast journalist. She made the switch following the birth of her daughter, Bailey, for whom the store is named, because as Julie puts it “she saved me from a life of self-absorption”. After just one year, with baby Bailey at her feet, the fledgling herb and vitamin shop doubled in size, and 4 years later, doubled again. It’s inviting and homey apothecary design combined with a calm, peaceful atmosphere to make Bailey’s the most popular oasis of health. In 2005 Julie relocated to Florida, where Bailey’s Naturals Herbal Apothecary can be found in the quaint seaside community of Safety Harbor. Here you’ll find the same commitment to quality, service, education, and empowerment that made the original Bailey’s Naturals a hallmark in the natural products industry.

“What a great place & knowledgeable staff. One of my favorite places to purchase my herbal & vitamin supplements.
The Owner is fabulous & so helpful. The array of herbal options is great. I find it so helpful that I’m able to purchase small quantities to ensure that a product is right for me.
Such warmth here, smiles & great atmosphere.”

Gumbo B.

“This place is awesome the owner Julie is a great person she has helped me through many illnesses to get better in lieu of a medical doctor I feel great all her products are awesome and the prices are perfect! Go See Julie”

Denise W.

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Emelia’s Apothecary of Dunedin
Emelias Apothecary offers a variety of Organic & Ethically sourced Herbs, Herbal Tea Blends, Tinctures, Bath & Body products, candles and much more! With so much to learn with Herbalism; we also provide classes & workshops to encourage the community to learn the abundance of magik that Herbs withhold.

“As an herbalist, I am committed to high quality products for skin care. I LOVE the products from this shop! They are beautifully crafted and smell so so awesome. Thank you for the products I ordered and for all the extra goodies”

Laura D.

The vibe was modern, pleasant, and decorated incredibly. If you’re in town, this is a must!”

Quinton B.

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Herban Flow
Herban Flow – Non-Alcoholic Beverage Shop Welcome to Herban Flow

At Herban Flow, we believe in living a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As a non-alcoholic beverage shop, we offer a refreshing and unique selection of functional drinks that are as delicious as they are nutritious. From mocktails to our herbal tonics, our goal is to help you feel your best and embrace the power of plant-based ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a midday pick-me-up or a relaxing evening beverage, we invite you to join us on a journey of wellness and self-care.

Super excited about this place! I’ve decided to cut back on alcohol and this was the perfect place to start my sober journey. They have everything you could want: NA liquor, wine, beer and seltzers. If you need a little something they also have CBD and mushroom infused drinks. If you can’t make it to the store you can order off their website! I also like that you can build your own 6 pack, allowing you figure out what you like before committing to a pack of the same drink. Thanks Herban Flow! I’ll be back!

Mia F.

This place is AWESOME! Whether you are sober, sober curious, doing a dry month, pregnant, whatever.. this place is full of fun bevvies! I went to pick up more Ghia, as I didn’t know it was sold locally and I usually order online. It was cheaper in store than on the Ghia website! While I was in, I got some great guidance from the owner who had awesome recommendations. I grabbed an Elixir No 4 and No 7. Both were delish! I will definitely be back. They have a huge selection of NA wine, beer, spirits, aperitifs, and so much more. Such a great place!

Kayla M.

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The Herbal Apothecary
Products to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Our products are eco-friendly, hand-crafted, and small batch to ensure quality. I use WHOLE herbs in my products and make sure that anything in my shop, you can comfortably use for yourself and your family. What we can’t make, we like to source from other woman-owned businesses as well. Come visit us in our store and check out our refill station so you can fill up on herbs, hydrosols, butters, oils, or clays that you may need. Make your own custom products for yourself or as the perfect gift. You can also check out our already made product section too!

This is the cutest shop ever, and a great addition to the Seminole community. I bought some Florida Water smokeless sage spray, infused with rose quartz and amethyst (I usually burn sage, and sometimes the odor can be a little too intense). This smells AMAZING and is great to keep around your home for those good vibes!

Jessica H.

The owner and staff are super friendly and helpful! The owner suggested a product (licorice root) and it actually worked for sunburnt lips/cold sores! I will be buying again!

Afton A.

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Woman 22
Introducing Woman 22 Serum’s Golden Rainforest Serum
Introducing Woman 22 Serum’s Golden Rainforest Serum – your natural, effective solution for a healthier menstrual cycle. Made with organic, Kosher, and fair-trade ingredients, this fast-acting serum delivers results from the first application. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and free from harmful substances, ensuring you get only the best that nature offers.

What is Woman 22 Serum and who is it for? 
Woman 22 Golden Rainforest Serum is a Luxurious, All-Natural, and Effective topical feminine product created for Women to use during menstruation to support a healthy monthly cycle. Woman 22 Serum is for any Woman who is menstruating and is open to and desires a better menstrual experience with better results.

Affordable and Accessible
At $29 for a 1.7 oz bottle and free U.S. shipping on orders over $50, quality menstrual health support has never been more accessible.

Stay Connected
Connect with Woman 22 Serum on Instagram or subscribe to their updates for more. Choose Golden Rainforest Serum today, for a natural and effective menstrual health solution.

It either works or it’s a crazy coincidence! I was having bad cramps on day 1 of my cycle and I rubbed this right onto my belly and then an hour later it was like “Cramps who? Where?” They were gone! I felt so much better. I’m keeping this serum close.

Amber P.

I’ve been suffering from really paint periods for as long as I can remember. I used to pass out so much from the pain. I also don’t like taking pain medication or any medication in general so when I found this product I thought it was worth a try. I had my period yesterday and used it right away and applied as instructed. It worked great and slept soundly. It’s that good! Thank you for making this!


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Your CBD Store
Your CBD Store® is the largest hemp retailer in the US and the exclusive home of award-winning, hemp-derived SUNMED™ products. Our products are designed to assist the adult consumer to regain, revitalize & improve their quality of life.

More Info

“The staff here is friendly and amazing the products are phenomenal it’s a warm environment, highly recommend.”

Brendan M.

“Gorgeous store & the staff are so friendly. Dori is filled with knowledge on her products and what’s best for you. She takes the time to listen and explains why a product would work in your situation.”

Venessa H.

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