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Coastal Chiropractic Tampa Bay
Dr. Drew: The Specialist in Gentle Treatment of Pain
Dr. Drew specializes in gentle, conservative treatment of headaches, neck and low back pain. Dr. Drew has introduced new, breakthrough technology to Dunedin with the Impulse IQ instrument. Gentle, precise correction can now be made to the spinal joints without any twisting, turning, or forceful movements, eliminating your painful condition.

Over the past 23 years, Dr. Drew has helped thousands of people live a more active, healthy, pain-free life. He also utilizes cutting-edge techniques for weight loss and offers massage services in a spa setting.

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“Dr. Drew is caring and very knowledgeable. The best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He not only helped with my vertigo but his staff is so kind. They have wonderful packages for massages too. I highly recommend them if you want a place that cares about the whole person. I’ve had vertigo for almost 2 months and my last treatment really helped. I thank God that I found this place. Looking forward to having them help me address my other ailments.”

Christine S.

“New to the area and the climate, my skin needed a total overhaul. Got a microderm and facial with Kay that I have to say, was the best I’ve ever had in my life. (believe me I’ve had a few) She took the time to address my needs and knew more about skin than anyone I’ve ever met. The service was relaxing and my skin glowed for days!!! Go see Kay!!”

Lori A.

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Cranial Release Technique
The Cranial Care Center: Alleviating Physical Pain from Stress
The Cranial Care Center, located in Dunedin, Florida, specializes in techniques aimed at alleviating physical pain resulting from stress. The center operates under the premise that most physical pain is a consequence of tension, often stemming from chronic, low-level stress present in modern life. They offer several services such as Cranial Release Technique (CRT), Classic Cranial Relaxation Maneuvers, and Spinal Stress Reduction Technique. CRT is considered a holistic approach that can aid various health problems by restoring the body’s optimal function and promoting its innate capacity to heal.

Meet Dr. Clark C. Walters
The center is run by Dr. Clark C. Walters, a seasoned practitioner with a career spanning since 1986. Dr. Walters is a certified Cranial Practitioner and Cranial Release Technique expert, with a recognition as “Practitioner of the Year” in 2012. In addition to his practice, he also lectures on cranial work for continuing education in both Massage Therapy and Chiropractic fields.

“So much more he does than the norm. He brought relief for chronic neck and migraines by cranial release and circulation PEMF device to help with RA!!”

T. Mack

“I’ve been to many chiropractic places.
Dr. Clark Walters is THE BEST hand down.”

Amy L.

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Holistic Center for Vibrant Health
Holistic Center for Vibrant Health: A Chiropractic Clinic
Holistic Center for Vibrant Health, is a chiropractic clinic based in Oldsmar, Florida, run by Dr. Lisa Marsh. It offers a range of holistic health services aimed at treating various conditions, promoting overall wellness, and creating a vibrant and healthy life for its patients. Dr. Lisa Marsh, the clinic’s chiropractor, is skilled in treating a range of patients from newborns to mature adults, using a range of adjusting techniques.

Range of Treatments and Therapies
The clinic offers a variety of treatments and therapies such as functional wellness care, chiropractic care, custom orthotics, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and revolutionary Bio Cranial therapy. Special focus is given to back pain, neck pain, gut health, auto injuries, sports injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Patient Empowerment and Customized Holistic Treatment
They also have a particular focus on empowering their patients through knowledge and customized holistic treatment strategies. This clinic prides itself on working in partnership with patients to overcome health challenges and establish a healthy and joyful life.

“Dr. Lisa is so intuitive and her energy is addicting. You walk into her office and just feel good! She has a team of healing professionals to work with. The massage therapist is hands down the best. I highly recommend checking this place out. It’s not just back cracking.”

Alize C.

“Dr.Lisa took the time to investigate my past, figure out how I got to where I am, and created a plan to heal me. I’ve been ping ponged back and forth between my primary doctor and gastro doctor. Dr. Lisa was quick to help me figure out my issues and ordered the test I needed to take. It took me mentioning it once and she was on it! The adjustments have been amazing for my back pain, as well as the custom orthotic shoes.
She is one of the best doctors with a genuinely kind heart. 10/10 recommend Dr. Lisa!!”

Charlene G.

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