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Holistic Center for Vibrant Health
Holistic Center for Vibrant Health: A Chiropractic Clinic
Holistic Center for Vibrant Health, is a chiropractic clinic based in Oldsmar, Florida, run by Dr. Lisa Marsh. It offers a range of holistic health services aimed at treating various conditions, promoting overall wellness, and creating a vibrant and healthy life for its patients. Dr. Lisa Marsh, the clinic’s chiropractor, is skilled in treating a range of patients from newborns to mature adults, using a range of adjusting techniques.

Range of Treatments and Therapies
The clinic offers a variety of treatments and therapies such as functional wellness care, chiropractic care, custom orthotics, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and revolutionary Bio Cranial therapy. Special focus is given to back pain, neck pain, gut health, auto injuries, sports injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Patient Empowerment and Customized Holistic Treatment
They also have a particular focus on empowering their patients through knowledge and customized holistic treatment strategies. This clinic prides itself on working in partnership with patients to overcome health challenges and establish a healthy and joyful life.

“Dr. Lisa is so intuitive and her energy is addicting. You walk into her office and just feel good! She has a team of healing professionals to work with. The massage therapist is hands down the best. I highly recommend checking this place out. It’s not just back cracking.”

Alize C.

“Dr.Lisa took the time to investigate my past, figure out how I got to where I am, and created a plan to heal me. I’ve been ping ponged back and forth between my primary doctor and gastro doctor. Dr. Lisa was quick to help me figure out my issues and ordered the test I needed to take. It took me mentioning it once and she was on it! The adjustments have been amazing for my back pain, as well as the custom orthotic shoes.
She is one of the best doctors with a genuinely kind heart. 10/10 recommend Dr. Lisa!!”

Charlene G.

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Massage Alchemist
We are a small, professional team dedicated to providing affordable and professional massage services for athletes and people living with chronic pain. We offer the highest quality massage therapy, teaching, and events, to bring you lasting results!

“This is my new go-to spot for massage. It’s not where you’re going to get that pampered spa experience full of puppies, rose petals, and mimosas. But if you need a true therapeutic massage, this is THE place. Highly knowledgeable therapists who really listen and come up with a solid plan to address whatever issues you have. I left the place feeling great and continued feeling great days afterward. Highly recommend!”

Eric S.

“I hurt my shoulder years ago, so bad that I couldn’t feel the right side of my upper torso for months. The doctor recommended massage, I’ve tried several, without any real relief. Giving it another shot, I tried this place, I specifically went to Cameron, after a few sessions I have much improved movement, less chronic pain, and have finally been confident to start yoga again after so many years, true recovery is no longer a pipe dream.”

Cat S.

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Reflexology is the gentle manipulation of reflexes in both feet to clear the body’s energy flow so that the body’s organs can function effectively and normally – a feeling of well being through restoration of Vitality and Balance. It is a form of natural healing which has been practiced for centuries. We believe the entire body is mirrored on the feet through a system of reflex points. Most illness is the result of improper maintenance of the body. The resulting imbalance creates a buildup of toxins in the system, which inhibits the free flow of energy essential to our well being. Beyond relaxation, reflexology restores the body’s imbalance and assists its own healing system to take over.

Carolyn, has performed reflexology massages for me on numerous occasions. Each time I’ve gone in, I’ve been way over due. She is professional, kind and compassionate. She is experienced at her craft and ensures a positive outcome, each and everytime.

Jim M.

Carolyn is amazing! In our sessions I feel relaxed, peaceful, calm, centered and restored. Carolyn is especially caring,
and highly knowledgeable, and she truly has the magic touch. As a psychotherapist it’s important that I participate in healthy lifestyle practices so I’m in a good position to help others. Carolyn’s healing services, especially reflexology has become an important part of my efforts to maintain a wellness lifestyle. I’m grateful to her for her beautiful, kind energy and her incredible skill as a healing practitioner. I trust Carolyn and value her work highly, which is why I regularly refer my clients to her practice. I can’t speak more highly of her, and I recommend her most highly.

Angel D.

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Traditional Massage Spa
Our licensed massage therapist at Traditional Massage Spa listens to your needs and employs the proper techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience. You will enjoy benefits such as relief from back and neck pain, reduced stress, increased circulation, and improved range of motion.

May was excellent! She found all my aches and pains and listened to my requests :), very professional, clean great spot and a new cupping experience I really enjoyed. I will be a returning customer for sure.


Great massage. I had a prenatal massage. She applied the exact right amount of pressure I liked. The space was clean and I felt comfortable. Thank you!


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