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All Ways Nourished
Our goal at All Ways Nourished is to help you eat healthier, so you feel better and have more time and energy to do the things you love! For some, that may mean inviting All Ways Nourished into your home every week to prepare healthy, nourishing meals for your family. For others, that may mean having All Ways Nourished create weekly meal plans and grocery lists for you, allowing you to enjoy the ritual of shopping and cooking. Yet others may be interested in having us serve a small, intimate dinner for you and your family or friends. No matter your situation, we have a service to make your life easier and your meals more delicious!

I started using All Ways Nourished because I had high liver enzymes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and needed to lose weight. Since starting, my doctor has been thrilled, my liver enzymes have returned to normal, my blood pressure medications have been lowered, and my cholesterol is better than it’s been in years! And what’s thrilled me, I’ve finally been able to lose weight and feel healthy! I still have a ways to go, but I feel like All Ways Nourished will help me get to exactly where I want to be!


All Ways Nourished has been an absolute lifesaver for me! I run my own business and was so busy that I just didn’t have time to prepare meals. So instead of making the time, I would take the easy way out and pick up takeout or order from a restaurant-delivery service for dinner every night. And I would rarely eat lunch. Now that I’ve found All Ways Nourished, I’ve saved myself frustration, time, and money and am able to enjoy incredibly delicious meals for both dinners and lunches throughout the week. And I have been able to enjoy dishes that I personally would never make on my own! Chef Abby showcases a personal touch in her service that I would never receive in any of the larger delivery services out there. All Ways Nourished is the way to go!!


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Iceman’s Vegan Bakery
Iceman’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe: A Renowned Plant-Based Bakery
Iceman’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe is a renowned plant-based bakery and café located in Lutz, Florida. With a 5.0 rating and a committed following, they offer an array of delightful vegan desserts, including specialty creations such as strawberry cake, cookie butter cake, lemon lavender cupcakes, and the unique monster cupcake filled with golden and regular Oreos and chocolate chips inside and out.

Delicious Creations
Customers frequently rave about the deliciousness of their offerings, and the bakery continually surprises and pleases with new additions to their menu. For special occasions like birthdays or simply for a sweet indulgence, Iceman’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe is the go-to destination for anyone looking to savor high-quality vegan treats.

Active Community Participation
They also actively participate in local events and markets, where they often sell out of their popular items. Whether you’re local to the area or across the country, Iceman’s Vegan Bakery & Cafe offers an unforgettable experience, satisfying even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Best cookies ever!! Ordered on line received in 2 days and they are so fresh and tasty!

Teri S.

Delicious cakes and friendly service! We used Iceman’s Vegan Bakery for our daughter’s birthday cake and cupcakes, and the bakery went above and beyond to accommodate our wishes!
Highly recommend!

Ashley D.

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Little Lana’s Cookies
Little Lana’s Cookies has an assortment of unique flavors that will make your mouth water. There’s so much variety that there’s something truly for everyone! Each cookie flavor is made with almond flour and egg whites as the base and fresh unique ingredients specific to each flavor that are mostly organic and powerful in taste that brings out some of the most bold and delicious cookies. I even shock myself sometimes. It’s definitely a chemistry that has to work as any baker would know. I spend a great amount of time looking for ingredients to test and explore new flavors. So, before I add any new cookie to my menu, better believe that it has gone through great lengths to get there because I only add it when its perfect! While only some flavors are available each month, I do take special requests, catering, and party favor orders.

I scarfed down Little Lana’s Cookies before taking pictures which I NEVER do. But these macaron cookies with a twist are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I found their stand at the EatLoco Founders Market and tried a couple of samples and was amazed at the blast of flavor. We ordered a “petite bag” which comes with 4 cookies at $14+ tax – ube, banana nut bread, chocolate hazel, and pistachio (their OG cookie and one of their popular flavors). Each cookie had a super strong presence of their flavors – nothing “light” or “subtle” or “hints of”. They pack a powerful punch which I found delightful. The cookies are moist and soft and apparently gluten free (they use almond flour)! Please get these away from me before I try every single one of their interesting and unique flavors and gain 20 pounds by next summer!

Rosie T.

Delicious cookies! I can’t believe they are gluten free because they taste so good! Favorite flavor has to be pistachio. Owner puts a lot of love into these and you can tell! Quality product packaged with care. Try it…you’ll thank me later!

Rumana A.

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Pour Decisions Coffee
Pour Decisions Coffee: Authentic and Bold Coffee Experience
Pour Decisions Coffee is not your ordinary coffee company. We are a micro-batch specialty coffee roaster, employing a unique wood fire roasting method for an incredibly full-bodied flavor with a clean, non-bitter finish. Our in-house designed, stainless steel French-style roaster – fondly named “The Beast” – employs a variety of flavor hardwoods like cherry, apple, and pecan to bring you a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

Natural and Organic Coffee
We pride ourselves on using natural and organic coffee sourced from all over the globe, offering both whole beans and any grind size you prefer. Our coffee is roasted to order, ensuring it’s shipped to your doorstep within 72 hours of purchase for peak freshness. With Pour Decisions Coffee, quality is our utmost priority.

Free Shipping and Future Plans
Free shipping is available on all orders over $60, and as we grow, we look forward to introducing a mobile service for local customers, along with a café in the near future. Experience coffee the way it should be – authentic, bold, and incredibly satisfying – with Pour Decisions Coffee. We’re not just about coffee; we’re about making your pour decisions the best stories.

We stopped by their booth at the Carrollwood Farmers Market. We absolutely love their coffee and highly recommend it…is our new coffee of choice.

Jennifer R.

This coffee Blew me away, a Rich taste without the acidity that I’m normally used to. knowing there out there turning these beans by a wood fire makes me love this coffee even more!

Ivanko I.

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Rawk Star Cafe
Here at Rawk Star Cafe, we welcome you to taste the creative thoughtful art behind our unique and progressive plant based, vegan, raw food, marketplace. No matter what your eating style or preference may be, we encourage you to engage your curiosity and enthusiasm by trying something healthfully delicious. You don’t have to be a vegetarian, vegan or a raw foodist to enjoy our great tasting nutrient-dense cuisine. Our creations are fresh, beyond organic, full of life force energy, and infused with fresh vitality. You’re going to love how you feel after you eat! Come see why we are the best among the raw food restaurants in Oldsmar and taste how delicious healthy can truly be!

Wow! I am so glad this place exists! I was traveling work and it seems like the only vegan options I could get around here were fries. Then I found Rawk Star Cafe! I went here everyday the rest of my trip. The sauces are so tasty and the nut mylk in the smoothies makes them so creamy and delicious! I will not stop thinking about the Bullet Ball Pie until I die incredibleeee

Emily H.

Their cakes are to die for.

I’ve been DF for about two months because of my nursing son’s dairy intolerance. This has made eating out a bit of a crapshoot for me. Although I work hard to make sure the meal I’m ordering is DF, there’s always that small chance that butter gets slipped in or cross contamination. It gives me a bit of anxiety about eating out. I try to avoid it, but I still like to see friends at restaurants, so I just try the best I can.

Here, I don’t have that fear, because everything is vegan! I went a bit crazy when ordering cake. They have the texture of mousse and they are absolutely to die for. I got the bulletproof cake, key lime and matcha. I’m sitting here trying to say which one is my favorite for future Christina and I can’t. I love them all. They have frozen pieces so you can put them in your freezer and just defrost it an hour before you want to eat it. Maybe the bulletproof by a slim margin, just because I try to get as much caffeine in my body as humanly possible since I have young children.

I’ll be honest, one time I couldn’t even wait the hour and ate it “frozen”. That just meant it was extra hard. Still delicious and I stand by it even though that makes me sound like such a fat kid.

Their coffee is also extremely good. There is some sort of coconut oil that they add to it to make it creamy and I loved it. I honestly could see myself coming for just coffee and a piece of cake.

I also got their “burger” and it was delicious. Don’t think of it as an actual burger, but for something exceptionally healthy it tasted good. It was also really filling. I thought I’d come home and eat another meal, but I was full until dinner.

Christina G

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SoFresh – Westchase
We’ve created a movement behind our signature ‘fast-casual fresh’ cuisine by using only the highest quality ingredients. We offer hot bowls, salads, wraps, broth bowls, smoothies, and juices – serving them in a lively, welcoming setting. Our versatile menu, down to our scratch-made in-house sauces and dressings, are rooted in our desire to make fresh eating a simple part of every lifestyle. We naturally accommodate a variety of preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, and gluten-free.

Consistently good – we cater in lunch for our office once a week and So Fresh is a popular healthy choice amongst the whole team.

Jason P.

Tried SoFresh for the first time on recommendation from a coworker. I expected it to taste plain but okay and could excuse it because it’s healthy. What a pleasant surprise. I got the Cali bowl with citrus chicken and it was fabulous. This will become a regular stop in my rotation.

Agnes L.

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Tarpon Springs Olive Oil Company
Tarpon Springs Olive Oil Company carries only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, along with infused olive oils that have herbs, spices, and fruit. Our store also carries high quality balsamic vinegars and other. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with sampling and selection of products and pairings. When visiting Tarpon Springs Olive Oil Company, you can purchase not only quality olive oils and vinegars, but the store also carries gift sets, pantry items and accessories.

More Info

“Service was excellent. Staff is extremely helpful. I love that you can try all the products before buying them.”

L. W.

“What a treat that we found this wonderful store! We will be back a lot. Wonderful service, we got to taste several olive oil flavors, and choose our favorite. The flavors are amazing! Love learning about the many health benefits of olive oil! This place is a gem!
You can order online, and pull into the back of the store and they bring it right out to you. Love the service!”

Sabine M.

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The Juice Shack
Every item on our menu is made with 100% real food, fruit, and vegetables. There is zero preservatives or chemicals used during our process. We don’t even use ice in our smoothies. Our prices reflect our hands-on process and dedication to healthy eating! Cold Pressed Juices, Made Fresh. Cold-pressed juices are more flavorful because they preserve every bit of the natural flavors of the produce. They’re also smoother and not as pulpy or thick as other juices. Vitamins and enzymes can be lost or destroyed by commercial juicing, while cold pressing gets the most liquid and nutrients out of the produce as possible. Cold-pressed juices give your body the same benefits as eating freshly-picked fruit. Every juice you drink contains a vitalizing array of vitamins and minerals.

The owner came by Orange theory to hand out cards! She is so sweet!! the açaí bowls are very good and the shop is SO cute! Highly recommend.

Rhiannon M.

I was so excited that an acai bowl place opened near me! We came on a Friday late morning and it was empty. The place was really clean and nicely decorated. They have menus on the counter. I ordered a blue spirulina bowl and my friend had the acai bowl. We also got a green juice which I didn’t try. My bowl was delicious but a little soupy for me. The fruits were fresh and lots of granola pieces. The granola pieces were delicious! The lady working was nice too. I will be back!

Jessica S.

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