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Tychea Holistic Health & Wellness
Tychea Holistic Health and Wellness: Tampa’s Premier Skincare Studio
Tychea Holistic Health and Wellness, nestled in Tampa, Florida, is a premier skincare studio emphasizing high-touch treatments and tailor-made products to address all skin concerns.

Specializing in Holistic and Natural Therapies
This sanctuary specializes in holistic and natural therapies, offering bespoke holistic face massages to ensure relaxation, balance, and a radiant glow. From the innovative Kinesio Approach to Clinical Microcurrent and Oncology Esthetics, their diverse range of services is designed to promote optimal health and holistic beauty.

Experience the Transformative Power of Touch
Experience the transformative power of touch at Tychea and uncover your skin’s potential.

I booked a holistic facial and session for micro current therapy on my back. not really knowing what to expect. Iris was warm, informative, accommodating, understanding and gave me the best facial experience I’ve ever had.

Additionally, my back and joints feel great, my skin is glowing, and I was able to relax and offload some stress. She provides a valuable service, and my session was money well spent. I already have another appointment scheduled and will make this a part of my self-care routine.


I found a gem for sure, and I am so glad I did! I had my first Back/lymphatic drainage massage treatment with Iris at Tychea Holistic Skincare about two weeks ago and felt much needed relief on my back and entire body as soon as the massage was over. I was very impressed and happy with how I felt that I immediately booked a second appointment. Iris is an excellent listener, she listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and explained in detailed the benefits of lymphatic drainage massages and holistic massages.

Tychea Holistic Skincare is centrally located, clean and has a very calm and inviting atmosphere. Iris was very thorough and delicate. I am definitely recommending Iris and her lymphatic drainage massages to all of my family and friends. Go check her out, you will love her!

Aura Y.

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