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Flawless – Lipo Laser Spa
Exclusive Provider: Flawless by Inathe – Lipo Laser Spa
Flawless by Inathe – Lipo Laser Spa is the Exclusive Provider of Cryion Beauty in Tampa Bay.

Unique Multi-Modal System
The system is unique in that it uses multiple treatment modalities to create changes deep under the skin. Cold Laser, Red Light, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Technology, Cavitation/Ultrasound and Laser Lipolysis are all combined to give clients the most powerful and longest lasting, permanent results.

Benefits for Skin
The powerful Tri-Channel technology improves elasticity, strengthens collagen and elastin production, improves skin tone appearance, fades wrinkles and fine lines. Resurfaces skin to fade scars and shrink pores, improves circulation and overall health of the skin, for noticeably younger looking skin. Helps to clear acne and supports the healing process.

Body Sculpting Benefits
Body Sculpting treatment modalities diminish cellulite by reducing dimpling and bumps. Helps to reduce inches and weight. Stubborn fat cells are targeted with revolutionary technology and broken down and eliminated through the excretory system. Non-surgical and non-invasive providing superior results immediately. Most clients typically see the difference in their clothing after their first treatment.

No Downtime, Just Results
One of the most positive benefits to our Body Sculpting treatments is that there is no downtime and treatments are painless. No need for anesthesia. No bruising or swelling, no negative effects, just great results.

Inathe is AMAZING! She explains the technology behind the process and she truly cares about YOU! I saw immediate results in my tummy area! I could not believe that this was achieved without surgery. This is life-changing. I eat clean and I exercise, but the tummy has just been SO STUBBORN! After treatment, you can work out! No down time!! You NEED to work out – it’s part of the process to get the ULTIMATE results without going under the knife or freezing! These treatments work, I am a believer! I recommend the Cryion Technology treatments to anyone that is thinking about surgery and wants a healthier, FDA Approved, safer alternative, that works! I can’t wait until my sessions are over to show you my before and after photos!

Divinity Of The Sun

I am so happy to have met Inathe. She is a true professional and is very experienced. She takes ultimate care and her services are effective. If you want to look and feel better about yourself you need to try out Inathe. You will not be disappointed.

Chris A.

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